You are an exquisite work of art. Entrust me to visually represent You.


Dual Essence Portrayal

See the obvious,

what is lit into the shine of day,

yet only when you look beyond that,

into the pitch dark of the night,

in the emptiness,

you actually get to See the whole.


Adapt what your vision is,

how to See into the unseen;

refine your senses

to read in between them

and tap into the Knowingness of

Who. You. Are.


Unveil the paradox of You

by getting it visually represented into a

Dual Essence Portrayal.



*NO preview.

Artworks at the top are single Energy Portraits that are NOT available anymore.

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$2500 - only one spot.

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Client Quote

"I feel like you just scared me how...I feel like you kind of saw through us what you said it's kinda ....true (ha ha)

Honestly ...this is too much for me (ha ha)

Like in terms of you being able to see what you saw, it's just ...Godly. It's Godly, honestly.

I wanted to say it's nice, it's amazing, but it's Godly."


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